Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Sat - Timings to be 8:00-15:30


Multilingualism and Cross Culture interaction are the need of the hour in this era of rapid globalization. The Endeavor of “Samvaad “is an expansion of the integrated programme organized in School for agglutinative language proficiency of the students. School has actively practiced Language lab for National as well as International Languages including English, Hindi, Sanskrit and French. Multiple activities are organized to enhance communication skills

  • 1. Best Orator Annual Rolling Trophies in English and hindi at Junior as well as Senior levels
  • 2. Tark-Vitark : the debating Society
  • 3. Theater as an art integrated expression
  • 4. Reporting and Journalism for responsible expressions
  • 5. Editorial Board of students
  • 6. Think Tanks with eminent personalities and Industry experts.
  • 7. Students as anchors for all events and functions from Pre-Primary onwards

Munshi PremChand Shreshtha Abhivakta (Best Hindi Orator)

“Munshi PremChand Shreshtha Abhivakta” is our endeavor to bring out Hindi orator skills in our students and carve out their linguistic Skills and impart confidence as a proficient orator. The competition is an Annual Rolling Trophy conducted at Junior & Senior level with various rounds under the judgment of esteemed and eminent personalities.