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We are delighted to share this beautiful poem on lock down by Additri of Class V B. We are proud to share that her recital was covered on DD News (Kids Time). Our heartiest congratulations to Additri and her family. Indeed there is no lockdown to positivity and good deeds. These valuable thoughts are very powerful in maintaining the Rythm and smiles of life. The school team on behalf of principal and management extend their best wishes and blessings to Additri. Keep up the efforts!!!

Dr B R Ambedkar was an exemplary personality and a visionary. He has not only contributed significantly to the Indian constitution but has been instrumental as a social reformer, leading and laying foundations in the field of educational for all as well. Children young and grown up remembered him as we observed Ambedkar Jayanti to salute the many geniuses of Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar.

This little video comes from our student Vaanya and watching it brought an instant smile. It is indeed a pleasure and a pride to find our future citizens awakened, aware and sensitised. We are undoubtedly moving though one of the toughest time seen by mankind. And while the schools go Tech way, Virtual, Remote, Or Online.This cutest message keeps us going.

Sharing this with our DIS Edge family with a hope to spread the message as far and wide as possible and a hopeful prayer that our lovely children and their families stay safe and in healthy spirits.

We love you Harjas of KG Lily for reciting beautifully the poem on Baisakhi.

Amid the covid lockdown , we are thankful to the farmer fraternity who continue to work for us so that the supplies for our day to day food is uninterrupted in the comfort of our homes. This little rendition is an expression of our gratitude as also the celebration of harvest season. At home or when outdoors , the spirits are free to soar! We pray, May the year ahead promise abundance and prosperity to all.