DIS EDGE -18 School Uniform
School Uniform
Summer Uniform

school-uniform school-uniform
1. Yellow T-Shirts with Yellow Stripes
2. Blue Shorts for Boys, Blue Skirt for girls 
3. Socks-Blue with yellow stripes

Class I to XII 
1. Light Blue Half Sleeves Shirt 
2. Navy Blue Shorts (upto class V), Blue trousers (class V upwards), Navy Blue 3 Buttoned Skirt (upto class X), Blue-White salwaar Kameez for class XI and XIII Girls)
3. Belt (Excluding XI and XII Girls)
4. Blue Socks
5. Black shoes
6. ID Card

I to IX

House Uniform / Summer 


1. House Colour Half Sleeves T-shirt 

House Colour Full Sleeves T-shirt

2. White Track Pants (For Girls as well as boys) 

Blue Track Suit

3. Grey/White Socks

4. ID Card


Nursery-Class KG 

1. Track Suit (Grey and Blue combination)
2. Grey Socks
3. Black Shoes 
4. ID-Card
Class I onwards 
1. White Full sleeves Shirts
2. Grey Trousers (Girls as well as Boys)
3. Belt 
4. Tie 
5. Grey Half Sleeves Sweater
6. Greyish Black Blazer with school Crest 
(Caps and Gloves if needed should be plain black only)
1. Black Patka/Turban to be worn by the Sikh boys.
2. Black Ribbon, Clips or Hair Band must be worn by the girls with long hair.
3. House uniform is compulsory on Wednesday, Friday and on the house meeting days / athletic meets//sports day/P.E. Practical.
  4. Please note that boys should come in short haircut and girls in tied hair. 

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