DIS EDGE -18 laboratories
  • Computer Lab-Separate junior & senior labs, Internet enabled, high end system, centers of E-learning. Integration of all subjects with STEM, Robotics & E-lab activities is guided through our IT team with special emphasis on Artificial intelligence & Design thinking which is also taken as skill subject in the school.

  • Physics Lab- Well equipped with equipments to cover CBSE practicals & senior secondary hands on experiences of theory concept. Collaboration with Institute of repute like National physical laboratories for further exposure.

  • Biology Lab-Centers of life science activities around preserved & life specimen. Microscopes & virtual labs to explore intriguing questions of Biology & Biotechnology.

  • Chemistry Lab- An Infrastructure to supplement equipments & chemicals for the junior & budding scientist with all safety & security measures that a child should learn while experimenting.

  • Composite Science Lab-Junior science experiential hub to give wings to the curiosities & explorative genesis in the younger children.

  • Language Lab-E-enabled language lab with software supported learning to nurture speaking & listening skills of children. Activities are supplemented with theatre, state of art, audio setup, recording technology & content with a range of accents. Children are also guided in the areas of Mass Media as a skill subject.

  • Math Lab-A space loaded with simulating experiences to explore patterns & ideas through games, puzzles & apply mathematical concepts to real life situations.

  • Social Science Lab-Activity room with maps, globes, ethinic artifacts & activities to understand & live the socioculture & geographic diversities within the country & across the globe.

  • Home Science Lab-An experiential space for stimulating the domestic skills in children to nurture their skills for a work life balance in future. We have provisions for different activities like flower arrangements, fireless cooking, different cuisine, rangoli making, needle work, handicrafts.We have trained faculty for the skill courses in Home science.

  • Space Lab-DIS Edge hosts the first and only space lab in Dwarka in collaboration with spark astronomy to provide an engaging program for the Dishons to work on their passion towards Space Science and bring out new innovations. The limitless expanse of the universe and the mysteries of outer space are explored with the cutting edge equipment and well qualified mentors. 

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